Our environmental performance

It’s our job to create a better place for people and wildlife. In doing so, we need to make sure we do our work in as environmentally sensitive way as possible.

Over the next five years (by March 2015) we plan to:

  • Reduce energy use in our offices and buildings
  • Reduce the amount of water we use
  • Avoid sending waste to landfill
  • Reduce the amount of miles we drive
  • Reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that all our activities put into the atmosphere

Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide

Reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 33 per cent



Reduce our energy usage by 33 per cent



Reduce the amount of miles we drive by 25 per cent


Wate image

Avoid sending any of our waste to landfill



Reduce the amount of water we use by 25 per cent

What can you do?

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Top ten tips for reducing your environmental footprint

Horizon House

Illustration of Horizon House

In December 2010 our Head Office moved to Horizon House in Bristol city centre.

Awards and Accreditations

We have won a number of prestigious awards as a direct result of the many initiatives we have undertaken over the last few years.