Our corporate plan 2011 - 2015

Our corporate plan sets out our priorities for the next four years.

Our fundamental purpose – protecting and improving the environment, for people and wildlife – and the need for our work are both more important than ever.

We want to improve our environment and do more for people and wildlife with the resource we have - and we believe we can do it, and do it well. It will involve being more efficient, committing to the big society and localism approaches championed by the UK government (and the citizen-centred governance approach in Wales) and working more with partner organisations and communities.

We will need to stop doing some of the things we’ve done in the past. But we must keep a high level of ambition so we can do even more to create a better place for people and the environment.

Corporate plan update 2012 / 2013

This update reaffirms our commitment to our Corporate Plan 2011-2015, whilst recognising our new duties and priorities. The update sets out how we will respond to changing legislation, government priorities and opportunities to implement innovative approaches to our work.

In 2010, we published Creating a better place, which set out our work for the next five years. The ambitions we set out then remain at the heart of our plans and work for the future.

  • Creu lle gwell 2010 - 2015

    Dyma ein strategaeth ar gyfer y pum mlynedd nesaf. Mae'n gosod allan sut byddwn ni - gan weithio gydag eraill - yn dod â chyflymdra a dyfeisgarwch i'r her o amgylchedd sy'n newid.