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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Web statistics

We use web analytic techniques to measure the number of visits made to the Directgov website. For this we use cookies. For more information about cookies, see the link to 'Your privacy - how cookies are used by Directgov'.

Monthly figures

Traffic figures for the last three months - all Directgov websites

Not all visits go to Directgov also exists on a series of related websites such as Some websites are included on an estimated basis.


Visits (all Directgov websites)

February 2012


January 2012


December 2011


Traffic figures for the last three months - only



Page impressions

March 2012



February 2012



January 2012





A 'visit' is defined as a series of page impressions delivered to one unique user.

Page impression (page view)

A 'page impression' is a file, or combination of files, sent to a user as a result of their request being received by the server. Some images and assets, such as PDFs, are excluded.

Unique user

A 'unique user' is defined as a uniquely identifiable visitor. This may be determined by using one or more of the following:

  • cookies
  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address plus a combination of browser type and operating system
  • registration ID

ABC electronic

Directgov's web statistics are audited by ABC electronic. The last audit was in March 2011. The audit covered the main Directgov website.

  Visits  Unique users Page impressions
March 2011  19,618,167    13,174,712 63,937,242

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