Drinking Water 2003

A report by the Chief Inspector of drinking water

This report is in PDF format. The Adobe® Acrobat Reader® can be freely downloaded here.


Letter from the Chief Inspector to Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and to the Minister for the Environment, Planning and Countryside, the Welsh Assembly Government (PDF 84KB)

Chief Inspector's statement (PDF 38KB)
Introduction (PDF 40KB)
Regulatory Framework (PDF 39KB)

Part 1
Overview of Water Quality in England and Wales (PDF 157KB)

Part 2
Individual Water Company Performance in 2003 (PDF 201KB)

Albion Water (PDF 48KB)
Anglian Water Services Limited (PDF 120KB)
Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water Plc (PDF 92KB)
Bristol Water Plc (PDF 86KB)
Cambridge Water company (PDF 80KB)
Cholderton and District Water Company Limited (PDF 77KB)
Dee Valley Water Plc (PDF 89KB)
Dŵr Cymru Cyfyngedig (PDF 154KB)
Essex and Suffolk Water Plc (PDF 127KB)
Folkestone and Dover Water Services Limited (PDF 73KB)
Hartlepool Water Plc (PDF 63KB)
Mid Kent Water Plc (PDF 88KB)
Northumbrian Water Limited (PDF 129KB)
Portsmouth Water Plc (PDF 93KB)
Severn Trent Water Limited (PDF 132KB)
South East Water Plc (PDF 128KB)
South Staffordshire Water Plc (PDF 112KB)
South West Water Limited (PDF 154KB)
Southern Water Limited (PDF 128KB)
Sutton and East Surrey Plc (PDF 78KB)
Tendring Hundred Water Services Limited (PDF 88KB)
Thames Water Utilities Limited (PDF 117KB)
Three Valleys Water Plc (PDF 123KB)
United Utilities Water PLC (PDF 155KB)
Wessex Water Services Limited (PDF 141KB)
Yorkshire Water Services Limited (PDF 139KB)

Part 3
Inspectorate Objectives and Key Results (PDF 164KB)

Annexes (PDF 49KB)

The full report for Wales can be found here (Welsh language version)


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Drinking Water Inspectorate