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15 Steps Challenge - NHS Only

15 Steps Challenge - NHS Only

These resource documents provide you with everything you need to know about the 15 Steps Challenge and step by step guidance on how you can get started.

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The 15 Steps Challenge toolkit resources (some pages from the toolkit appear as a separate download so that you can print off multiple copies should you wish):

  • The 15 Steps Challenge toolkit
  • The 15 Steps Challenge – what to look out for (pages 16-19)
  • The 15 Steps Challenge – Walkaround feedback template (page 20)
  • The 15 Steps Challenge Appendix 2 – Ward notice for staff and patients
  • The 15 Steps Challenge Appendix 3 – Action Plan template
We have also provided some additional useful resources, such as a Briefing Note to senior leaders, and a Briefing Note to Patient Engagement leads.
  • Briefing note for senior leaders
  • Briefing note for Patient engagement leads
To help with implementation, the download file also includes some useful slide sets. These give additional tips and guidance. You can use the slide sets to show to Boards, to those involved in the Challenge.
  • Slide set 1 Background and summary
  • Slide set 2 Strategic alignment
  • Slide set 3 Getting prepared
  • Slide set 4 The walkaround day
  • Slide set 5 Action planning

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