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Knowing How We Are Doing resources (Office v2003)

Knowing How We Are Doing resources (Office v2003)
These resource documents aid implementation of Productive Community Services Knowing How We Are Doing module. 

The Knowing How We Are Doing module helps your teams collect and use regular balanced performance data to guide improvement and operational management. It provides a framework for timely measurement to flow up the organisation to aid informed decision making.

The resource documents have been added to a zip file, which you can download to your computer.

These include:

KHWAD Aggregate Tool Guidance
KHWAD Measurement Tool Guidance
KHWAD Aggregate Template
KHWAD Team Level Measures Template
Measures Definition Sheet
Patient Experience Questionnaire
Patient Experience Tally Sheet
Patient Facing Time Audit Sheet
Blank Meeting Reliability Audit Sheet
Safety cross

Staff Engagement Questionnaire
Staff Engagement Tally

Zip file instructions

The resource documents have been grouped into a single 'zip file' which you can download to your computer. To see the individual files, 'un-zip' the file using a tool such as WinZip, which may already be on your computer. Alternatively, you can download an unzipping tool from the internet. Download and save the 'zip file' to your desktop or into a directory. Then right-click on the file name to show the short-cut menu; click 'open with...' or 'Extract to here' to open the folder and bring out the files. For more on how to use 'zip files', see this FAQ.

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