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Strategy development and implementation

Strategy development and implementation
A literature review - ways of thinking about strategy for Primary Care Trust top teams to deliver world class commissioning

Although all of the world class competencies have a strategic dimension, two are perhaps most directly focused on strategy:
  • Competency 1: ‘Are recognised as the local leader of the NHS'
  • Competency 6: ‘Prioritise investment according to local needs, service requirements and the values of the NHS'.

This review of the published literature on strategy is intended to provide an overview of the main approaches to developing strategy, how these can be applied in practice, and how the resulting strategy can be best implemented. Eight illustrative case studies, taken from a range of different sectors outside of the NHS, demonstrate a variety of different approaches to formulating and developing strategy, and describe the outcomes.

Situation it works well in: The review is intended to support and inform top teams in PCTs, who will soon participate in the assurance process for world class commissioning.

Target audience: Senior leaders in PCTs.

This document is currently only available as a download and is available to NHS England customers without charge.

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