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Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities

Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities
A guide designed to help PCTs identify and prioritise initiatives and build them into a comprehensive programme for change.

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement has worked with a number of health communities across the country over the past two years to develop methods and approaches that will enable PCTs to build the necessary change to services into their local commissioning plans and then accelerate the spread and adoption of effective, evidence-based change across a wide range of services. One component is the strategic planning process (called Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities) detailed in this guide, which, along with the tools developed to support it, is designed to fit seamlessly into the work that your PCT will already have to undertake in order to create the Operating Plan.

Document/tools include: A range of techniques to identify and prioritise which initiatives will be taken forward into a comprehensive change programme.

Situation it works well in: The Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities process is undertaken by a multi-disciplinary team of 18-24 people from across the local health community.

Target audience: Prioritisation Coordinators

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