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The Productive Series: Delivering Same-Sex Accommodation
Delivering same-sex accommodation sits at the heart of providing care with privacy and dignity.  For the very highest levels of care, privacy and dignity must be central to how care environments are run and planned. Privacy and dignity does not have to come second to safety and reliability of care. With strong processes in place you can ensure that your team always has patient privacy and dignity in mind, no matter how busy they are, and that you can have confidence in the high standards of care your team is delivering.

Why do this as part of The Productives Series?
The central theme of The Productive Series is that great care processes (in this case around privacy and dignity) do not just evolve, they need to be designed. For example, The Productive Ward provides ward teams with step by step guidance to create strong processes around core ward activities. These strong processes then provide the foundation for teams to provide even better clinical care.

The strengths of The Productive Series is that it can help you put same-sex accommodation into practice, providing the HOW not the WHAT. The Productive Series is an ideal vehicle for you to radically change the way you and your team approach privacy and dignity and in particular, same-sex accommodation.

The Productive Series: Delivering Same-Sex Accommodation supplement pack
This supplement pack is designed to help NHS teams to ensure they are meeting this important patient need on a day-to-day basis as part of their Productive work.  The supplements have been developed to complement existing programmes in The Productive Series and include key principles for delivering same-sex accommodation. The supplements follow the same methodology and approach used in Productive programmes and will provide you with improvement tools and case studies to help you and your staff to deliver same-sex accommodation at the highest possible standards for your patients and service users.

We encourage teams who are implementing Productive programmes and those who concentrate on patient dignity and same-sex accommodation to work together to gain the most benefits from using the supplement pack.

To download or order your copy of The Productive Series: Delivering Same-Sex Accommodation supplement pack click here.

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