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The opportunity

What can the Productive Leader offer you?

Every organisation is unique.  From the mix of services it provides, to the population it serves and the people who work there. The Productive Leader is designed with this in mind.

The Productive Leader resonates with staff, as you are encouraged to consider the attributes and behaviours you value in others.  Participants often find huge benefit in the conversations that take place with colleagues over the course of the programme.

This facilitated programe enables teams to come together, typically as leaders and support staff, to:

  • measure and review current performance
  • reflect on your own working practices and those of your team
  • discover and consider a range of positive and effective working practices
  • identify and commit to improvements
  • test, review and adapt best practice to suit your local working environment

The changes you and your team introduce will result in leading by example and reinforcing good behaviour and processes as well as eradicating outdated approaches.

Productive Leader and NHS Evidence

The QIPP collection on NHS Evidence (www.evidence.nhs.uk/QIPP) provided by NICE shows how staff are saving money without compromising quality.  If the examples in the collection were adopted by 50% of eligible organisations, they have the potential to save the NHS over £1.4 billion. Last month, The Productive Leader programme joined the growing collection of over 100 tried and tested, quality assured examples.  To see the case study online, visit www.evidence.nhs.uk/qipp and click ‘what’s new’ or look under the QIPP workstream categories Productive Care, Back Office Efficiency or Workforce.


High impact areas for improvement

The biggest area in which your leadership team can make improvements and save time is likely to be meetings management. Our findings revealed that NHS leaders spend an average of 70% of their time in meetings with only 27% starting on time and even less, 18%, finishing on time.
Improvements can also be made in email and workload management. During the test phase for The Productive Leader, participants reported that by using the email model, the focus of their emails and the responses they received improved by 32%. In the words of one of the leaders who took part:    

'I was telling stories in my emails...now I am trying to be clear about what is needed in the first two lines.'


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