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The Productive Leader

The Productive Leader - about the programme

The Productive Leader is a systematic, evidence-based programme which can help you look at personal, team and organisational activity and instil a culture of improvement at all levels of your organisation.   This programme is as much about behavioural change, as it is about looking at the processes we have in place to do our day-to-day work.  By adopting and embedding best practice in how we manage our workload, run meetings and deal with email, we can get the best out of ourselves and our teams.

The Productive Leader can help you and your team to release the time to reinvest in value-adding activities and enable you to make the decisions that matter.

The Productive Leader is part of the NHS Institute's Productive Series.  Based on lean principles, the Productive Series resonates with staff as it empowers them to drive improvements.  As a participant in the programme, you will be empowered to ask challenging questions about current practices and make positive changes to the way you work.

"This programme has come at the right time and fits with our vision of embedding improvement across the organisation."The Productive Leader - programme structure

  • 5 facilitated modules led by your in-house facilitators
  • 5 self development modules -worked through in a systematic way by all participants
  • Participants complete pre-work before module 1 and module 3
  • Each module concludes with agreeing personal and team improvements
  • The final module - Sustaining Improvement - includes action plans for rolling out to the rest of the organisation or adapting to local need and agreeing a spread strategy
  • The programme can take between 8-20 weeks to deliver the first cohort, depending on organisation's capacity, other strategic objectives, and timing

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