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The Productive Series and commissioners

The commissioning landscape is changing significantly. As organisations move towards new ways of providing services, commissioners have an important role to play in delivering safer, more reliable care for patients that is sustainable.

In order to make crucial decisions about the provision of affordable, high quality care, it is vital that they have the information that will help them support their decision making.

Why The Productive Series?

The Productive Series is a tried and tested series of improvement programmes that can help deliver care in a systematic, standardised and patient focused way. It reduces waste, increases efficiency and empowers staff, helping organisations to bring down costs and deliver quality improvements for both patients and staff.

More importantly for commissioners, the series provides an evidence based approach that can quantify the improvements that staff make.

What are the benefits for commissioners?

Commissioners have a responsibility to ensure quality care is provided in the most efficient and cost effective manner. The Productive Series can provide financial and quality benefits that will enable commissioners to make the right choices when commissioning services for their patients.

If you want to be informed as a commissioner, it is vital that you find out more about The Productive Series.

Is being ‘productive’ important to commissioners? Yes, because it is a key methodology for delivering service and health improvements through leadership, passion, purpose, people and performance.

Kathryn Ireland, Director of Quality and Professional Services (Executive Nurse) NHS East Riding of Yorkshire

How can I find out more?

To get an insight into what commissioners think about The Productive Series, view the film below, Productive Care – Why should Commissioners be interested?

For further information please download our Narrative pack for commissioners or email productivecare@institute.nhs.uk

You can also find out more by visiting our Commissioning pages.

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