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The Productive Series e-learning

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and The Virtual College have combined their expertise to create modular, quality assured on-line training content to support The Productive Series programme.

The programme incorporates a clear curriculum for innovation and improvement in the NHS, using content from the NHS Institute’s Productive Series experts, together with valued accreditation and potential for professional development to the highest standards.

Using the technology and platform provided by the Virtual College and the content for the courses from the NHS Institute provides a comprehensive and scalable supporting service to deliver training in an efficient and low cost way both to individuals and large scale organisations.

Our materials are easily accessible to anyone - individuals and organisations alike - via an Internet connection. Registration for NHS England staff is easy, as is the sign-up process for a wide range of other organisations or individuals throughout the UK and worldwide.

Access the registration screen here.

Enquire about bulk discounts or volume license agreements.

The initial release includes an overview of four of our programmes: