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Productives Module Impact Framework

So what has been the real impact of The Productive Series for you?
Productive SeriesThe Productives Module Impact Framework helps NHS organisations understand the impact that The Productive Series has on productivity, efficiency, staff experience, and skills development. It gives Programme Leaders the robust evidence they need to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) when implementing a Productive programme.

Capturing module impact data and understanding the ‘before’ and ‘after’ is key to the evidence-based learning approach, adopted by the Productive Series. The framework is free to NHS organisations in England that have implemented any of our Productive programmes.
The framework helps teams to collect and analyse key data in the following areas:

  • Financial impact
  • Efficiency (Time released as a result of process improvements)
  • Knowledge and skills development
  • Staff experience and well-being

The framework is designed to accompany Productive modules. It provides impact measures for each module implemented by your teams. This allows the organisation to forecast potential impact and retrospectively capture quantitative and qualitative impact a Productive programme has made.
Key benefits

  • Provides robust evidence of ‘releasing time to care’ and productivity gains.
  • Captures improvement stories of staff.
  • Simple to use.
  • Automatically creates reports at module, team and organisational level.
  • Shows quantitative and qualitative impact across multiple teams.
  • Boosts morale by demonstrating teams achievements.
  • Captures data that allows success and changes in staff experiences to be shared.

Tailoring data
Reports can be configured to suit the organisation's requirements. Better control over the  the way information is shared enables teams to demonstrate their achievements to their managers and peers, leading to improved staff morale and self worth.

For example:

Impact data can be viewed for a single Productive programme or for all the Productive programmes across an organisation. This can be shared across your organisation, with your peer organisations, or nationally.

Choosing your lead
A designated organisational lead is able to access the Framework securely via the NHS Institute website. You can have individual leads for specific productive programmes or a single lead for the organisation for all Productive programmes. The reporting is based around specific modules, which allows you to be flexible in your approach to the selection of which Productive programme modules you record impact for.

Choose your lead(s) carefully as they will be able to set access privileges for the rest of the organisation and set up sharing with other peer organisations. For example, you may want to share impact data with members of a local Productive network to promote mutual learning.
Capturing success nationally
The impact data an organisation provides is also aggregated anonymously at SHA and National level. Frontline teams benefit from this as they know that their data is being reported properly and their evidence is being captured at every level.
To capture staff experience more fully, the framework has the ability record success stories and link it to the data submitted. With the permission of an organisation the NHS Institute may use this to create case studies to further highlight the benefits of undertaking a specific Productive programme.
The framework helps answer those common questions
Director of Finance – “This staff engagement sounds great but what actual cost savings have been made?”

Director of Quality – “The teams say everything is so much more organised, but how much time has this module actually saved them?”

Director of HR – “The Team Leader feels that the team has developed amazingly, but what skills and knowledge do the team now have?”

CEO – “How much more efficient have the team become by doing this module? Show me how their care processes are more reliable and effective.”