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NHSI Globe.jpgHealthcare systems and organisations across the world have the common aim of continually improving the quality of care they provide to patients, whilst at the same time increasing productivity and efficiency.

NHS Institute Worldwide brings tried and tested products from England to the international healthcare providers, enabling them to make a difference to hundreds of thousands of patients across the globe.  At the same time we bring back best practice from around the world for the benefit of the NHS.

We offer innovative and proven ways to transform your healthcare systems and bring about significant and lasting improvements for the benefit of your organisation and your patients.

We have started adding links into our partners websites, where they explain their experiences in implementing programmes such as Productive Ward - Releasing Time to Care.


"The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement’s Productive Ward series has dramatically released more time for nurses to care for patients through patient flow redesign. This is being adopted throughout the world, a striking example of how the globalised nature of health can spread rapid improvements to care."

Mark Britnell, Partner and Head of Health for Europe, KPMG LLP

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