Part 1: Your child dies

You’ll need to tell the Child Benefit Office as soon as possible if your child dies.

You’ll usually get Child Benefit for 8 weeks after your child dies. If your child would have reached 20 before the 8 weeks are up, Child Benefit will stop then.

If you haven’t yet claimed Child Benefit

If your child dies before you’d claimed Child Benefit you can still claim. You may get Child Benefit for 8 weeks from the date your child died.

  1. Make a claim for Child Benefit.

  2. Attach a note with the date of your child’s death.

  3. Put your contact details and National Insurance number on the note.

  4. Send your child’s birth or adoption certificate with your claim form (you don’t have to send their death certificate).

Make a claim as quickly as possible - it can only be backdated for 3 months.

You can’t claim Child Benefit if your child was stillborn.