If you were adopted or if you’re a birth relative of an adopted person, you can add yourself to the Adoption Contact Register to express an interest in finding your family.

If you were adopted - finding birth relatives

You can add yourself to the Adoption Contact Register if you are 18 or over and your birth was registered with the General Register Office. You need:

  • your original birth name
  • your date of birth
  • the full name(s) of your birth mother (and birth father if known)

The fee is £15 - instructions on how to pay are on the form.

You’ll only be able to get in touch with your family if they’ve also added themselves to the Adoption Contact Register.

If you don’t have your birth records

You can apply to get your birth records using the forms below. If you were adopted outside England or Wales, you need to contact the General Register Office in the country where you were adopted.

If you were adopted before 1975 you’ll need to attend a counselling session with an approved adoption advisor first.

Once you’ve completed your form, post it to the address below or fax it to 0151 471 4755.

Adoptions section
Room C202
General Register Office
Trafalgar Rd
Southport PR8 2HH

If you’re a birth relative - finding an adopted person

You can add yourself to the register to try to find an adopted person - you’ll only be able to find people who have also added themselves to it.

You need:

  • to be 18 or over
  • evidence to prove your relationship to the person you want to find - more details are in the form below

The fee is £30 - instructions on how to pay are on the form. You can also use this form if you are an adopted person looking for other adopted siblings.

You can also apply to make contact with an adopted person through an approved intermediary agency. For further information on intermediary services you can contact:

  • the adoption team at your local council
  • a voluntary adoption agency
  • an adoption support agency