Information for applicants

All you need to know to apply for a job at the Home Office.

Writing a competency statement

If your application requires you to write competency statements, it is really important to be aware of what the assessors are looking for.

They will be looking objectively at what you have written, rather than making assumptions and filling in the gaps for you. You should:

  • quote examples and provide evidence of your successes
  • be succinct, as there may be a word limit.

In your examples, you should describe:

  • the situation
  • the task you were trying to achieve
  • the actions you took (make sure you describe what you personally did)
  • the result, perhaps including what you learnt from the experience.

Skills framework for the information age

All our IT professionals are expected to be prepared to develop skills from the 'Skills framework for the information age' (SFIA). To find out more about this visit the SFIA website.

PPM skills framework

The Home Office has a skills framework for PPM professionals, which is currently under review to align it with the Association of Project Management competence framework.

More information

We work closely with the Cabinet Office IT profession team, as well as being part of a wider government and public sector IT professional network. Please visit the Civil Service website for more information about this.

The government lead for PPM is based in the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). Although for most of our posts we are looking for experienced IT professionals, we also recruit graduates of exceptional quality using the Cabinet Office fast stream technology in business scheme.

You do not need a degree in IT to apply, and successful applicants are signed up to do a postgraduate certificate designed to bring their skills very quickly up to the level we need.

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