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Over a hundred applications for Free Schools approved

Friday 13 July 2012

Prime Minister: More new Free Schools than ever before to raise standards and increase choice

The Prime Minister and Education Secretary Michael Gove today announced that 102 new Free Schools have been approved to open in 2013 and beyond. This is more than a 50 per cent increase on the number of Free Schools that were approved last year.

The announcement paves the way for thousands of excellent new school places where there is clear demand, raising education standards and giving parents more choice. The majority of Free Schools will be based in areas of deprivation, or where there is a need for new school places. More than half of the approved applications are from teachers, existing schools or educational organisations.

During a visit to Woodpecker Hall Primary Academy in north London – a Free School opened last year by a successful head teacher – the Prime Minister paid tribute to the hundreds of passionate teachers, parents and charities raising standards with Free Schools. 

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Free Schools symbolise everything that is good about the revolution that we are bringing to Britain’s schools. Choice for parents. Power in the hands of teachers. Discipline. Rigour. High quality education in areas that are crying out for more good local schools.

“The message from the first two years is clear and unambiguous. Free Schools work and parents and teachers want more of them.”

Education Secretary Michael Gove said:

“Free Schools are driving up standards across the country. Now more and more groups are taking advantage of the freedoms we’ve offered to create wonderful new schools.”