A new approach to police ICT

A police information communications technology (ICT) company has been created to provide vital support to police forces in their drive for operational effectiveness and value for money.

Technology and information are two of the most important weapons used by the police in their fight against crime. How they buy and manage complex information communications technology (ICT) provisions is critical to their success.

New police ICT company

The Police ICT Company Ltd has now been incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, under the joint ownership of the association of police authorities and Home Office.

These are interim arrangements that have been put in place until the intended owners, the Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), are elected and able to take the company forward. This will ensure momentum for the company continues and that policing partners (through the board of directors) can lead with shaping and developing the company further.

The new company will be responsible for the procurement, implementation and management of ICT solutions and associated business change.

Different from anything we have seen before

It is intended that the company will be responsive to local operational needs. Its aim is to free up chief officers from in-depth involvement in ICT management and enable greater innovation in police ICT so that officers can spend more time on the beat tackling crime whilst having access to the best new technologies.

By harnessing the purchasing power of police forces the company will drive down costs, enabling forces to get better value for their ICT spend and best value for the taxpayer.

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