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Transcript of Prime Minister's Hunger Summit

August 12, 2012

PM: "While lots of us are able to think about the next gold medal, there are millions of people in our world who are thinking about whether they are going to get a meal"

David Cameron speaks at Munich memorial event

August 6, 2012

"As the world comes together in London to celebrate the Games and the values it represents, it is right that we should stop and remember the 11 Israeli athletes who so tragically lost their lives when those values came under attack in Munich 40 years ago"

Transcript of remarks by Prime Minister and President Vladimir Putin

August 2, 2012

PM: "It has been very good to welcome President Putin back to Number 10 Downing Street, and to see this steady growth in British-Russian relations."

PM Speech at Global Health Policy Summit

August 1, 2012

"I am determined that this country becomes the best place in the world to invest and innovate in life sciences."

David Cameron welcomes Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

July 30, 2012

The Prime Ministers discussed the strong trade and investment links between both countries and both welcomed the fact that they were well on track to meet the $20bn trade target by 2015.

PM's speech at Olympics press conference

July 26, 2012

"We want this to be the Games that lifts up a city, that lifts up our country and that lifts up our world, bringing people together."

PM's speech at Global Investment Conference

"My message today is very simple: Britain is back open for business. And we are committed to supporting global growth with open trade between our nations."

Prime Minister's speech at Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Reception

July 25, 2012

Prime Minister affirms commitment to same sex marriage civil marriage this parliament

PM and Deputy PM in Birmingham

July 16, 2012

PM: “We are creating a fast, modern, reliable railway with more capacity and cleaner electric trains.”

Prime Minister's Speech on Family Planning

July 11, 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron announces £500m in aid at the Family Planning Summit 2012 to increase international access to contraceptives