Part 1: Before you leave the UK

Under the PETS Travel Scheme, you can take your pet cat, dog or ferret abroad and return to the UK.

Before travelling, you must take your animal to a vet so it can be:

  • fitted with a microchip
  • vaccinated against rabies
  • issued with a Pet Passport

Once these steps are carried out, you can travel to (and return from) most EU countries. You can also take your pet to some other countries - eg Australia and mainland USA.

To see a full list of countries, follow the links below.

EU countries
Non-EU countries

You must wait 21 days from the date of the vaccination before travelling.

Unlisted countries

An ‘unlisted’ country is any country not included in the list of EU or non-EU countries. If you return from an unlisted country, extra steps need to be taken.

Booking the return journey before you leave

You must book your return journey with a PETS-approved sea, air or rail route.

Most major ferry companies, airlines and rail operators are approved.

Returning to the UK

When you return to the UK, your pet’s microchip will be scanned and its passport inspected.