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Using our RSS Feeds

Downing Street RSS feeds are an easy way for you to keep up to date with the latest site developments. Rather than having to visit the site to view new articles or features, you can subscibe to the RSS news feed and have the latest information delivered directly to you.

You can subscibe to the feed in a number of different ways. These include either dragging the orange RSS button into your news reader, or by cutting and pasting the URLs into your reader.

The Downing Street website has several feeds available:

Latest news – all the latest from this website

Speeches and Transcripts – the PM’s speeches, interviews and press conferences

Statements and Articles – written statements and articles

Prime Minister’s Questions – summary, video and audio

Press Briefings – the Prime Minister’s Spokesman answers journalists’ questions

Press Notices – press notices on honours and appointments

Petition Responses – the Government answers your e-petitions

How to listen to our audio and podcasts

To access and listen to our podcasts you can do so either from your computer or from your mp3 player

You can listen in one of three ways:

1. listen on your computer now
2. download and save the file to listen to later, or transfer to an mp3 player
3. as a podcast which lets you automatically receive the latest episode as soon as it’s available

1. Listening on your computer

This is very easy. All the audio content on the Downing Street website can be played through your web browser, just click wherever you see the words “listen as mp3″ and the file should start to play.

2. Downloading the file

Downloading the mp3 file will allow you to save the audio to listen to later, or transfer it to an mp3 player.

On most computers you’ll need to click on the link using the right mouse button. This should bring up an option to “save target as…” or “save link as…” which will allow you to save the file. You can then move it to different folders or to an mp3 player, and listen at your leisure.

3. Subscribing to a podcast

Podcasts are simply audio files that are downloaded automatically to your mp3 player or computer as soon as they’re available. To do this you’ll need a piece of podcasting software that will manage the files for you.

The most popular programme is iTunes, but there are loads of others available.

Using iTunes

Once you have iTunes installed, simply click on the iTunes link below to sign-up. You’ll be taken directly into iTunes, and the podcast page for Downing Street will load. Simply click on the “subscribe” button to automatically download new shows.

If you have an iPod mp3 player, the podcast will be loaded onto your iPod the next time you connect it to the computer.

Using other software and devices

If you use other software then you’ll need to sign-up using this method. Just simply paste the Downing Street “feed” address into the software of your choice and the programme will download the programme when it’s available.

Once it’s downloaded you can listen to the mp3 file on your computer or transfer it to your portable player to listen to later.