Drugs licensing

Companies and individuals in England, Wales or Scotland need to apply for Home Office licences if they wish to produce, supply, possess, import or export controlled drugs.

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  • New payment line phone number
    From 6 August 2012 licensees who wish to pay for their licence fees by card will need to call the SSC payment line on the new number: 0845 010 0125. More fees information is on the drug licensing fees page.
    Published 19 July 2012
  • Annual Statistical Returns 2011
    Companies are asked to provide returns no later than Tuesday 7 August 2012. We require licensed companies/individuals who are engaged in the activity of manufacturing, production, supply, of controlled drugs to provide us with an Annual Statistical Return for 2011, which we collate and provide to the INCB.
    Published 11 July 2012
  • Licensing replacement programme update
    The deadline for applications for phase 1 of the licence replacement project closed on 30 June 2012. We are currently considering the applications we have received.
    If your company is in phase 1 and you have not yet applied for a licence, but still wish to do so, you should contact us urgently.
    We will shortly be reviewing the licences of those phase 1 licence-holders who did not apply, and contacting them with formal notices of revocation of licences.
    Licences will remain valid until the date contained in those notices. Licence-holders who have applied for a renewal of their licence in phase 1 will continue to be able to trade under the terms of their existing licence until we consider their application.
    We will be commencing phase 2 at the end of July 2012. We will send out letters of commencement to those licence-holders in phase 2 to notify them when the phase commences.
    Please visit controlled drug domestic licences and precursor chemical domestic licensing for further information.
    Published 4 July 2012
  • Licensing replacement programme - replacement of open ended licences
    Controlled Drug and Precursor Chemical licences issued since 15 November 2010 have been time limited (valid for one year). Fees for the issuing of licences are charged in line with the Misuse of Drugs (Fees) Regulations 2010. We will soon begin reviewing the stock of open ended licences issued before 15 November 2010 and replacing them with time limited ones. Please visit controlled drug domestic licences and precursor chemical domestic licensing for further information.
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