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Join the Volunteer Reserve Forces

The Volunteer Reserve Force (PA Copyright)What are the Volunteer Reserve Forces?

The Volunteer Reserve Forces are:

  • Royal Naval Reserve
  • Royal Marines Reserve
  • Territorial Army
  • Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

There are over 30,000 Volunteer Reservists in the UK.  They come from all backgrounds, regions and jobs; these are ordinary men and women who give up their time to train and serve alongside the Regular Armed Forces.  They allow Defence to access the talent pool within UK Society making use of the specialist civilian skills that Reservists offer.

Reservists generally attend their training unit at weekends and evenings and complete an annual period of continuous training of 2 weeks during the year.  Their minimum commitment is between 19 and 27 days a year and they manage this alongside their civilian work.

It was Sir Winston Churchill who once categorised members of the volunteer reserve forces as “twice a citizen” as a measure of the value of military reservists who serve the national interest in both civilian and military capacities.

How are the Volunteer Reserve Forces used?

Members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces have been “called-up” or “mobilised” to take part in operations overseas including Afghanistan and Iraq.  The Reserve Forces are also available to be used at times of national crisis or emergencies in the United Kingdom.

Because members of the Reserve Forces are usually recruited locally (there are some specialist units that recruit nationally) they all have excellent ties to the local community and are often involved at local and National ceremonial events.

Will I receive any pay?

Reservists are paid a daily rate related to your rank for your attendance at training nights, training weekends and for attendance on courses or overseas exercises.

If mobilised they will be paid full-time at the same rate of pay receiving the same allowances as the Regular Armed Forces until you are demobilised.  Reservists and their employers may also claim financial assistance.

How can I get involved?

Walk in to any Armed Forces Career Offices and ask to talk about joining the Reserve Forces.

Where can I find out more?