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The Coalition: Our Programme for Government

Corner of Downing Street and Whitehall; PA copyrightOn 20 May 2010 Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg set out the Coalition’s programme of policies over the next five years to “rebuild the economy, unlock social mobility, mend the political system and give people the power to call the shots over the decisions that affect their lives”.

The Coalition Agreement sets out a joint programme for government based on shared ambition and shared goals.

Launching the Agreement, David Cameron said:

“This is a programme for fundamental and comprehensive reform that will transform our country for the better. We want this coalition to be defined by three words: freedom, fairness and responsibility.”

Read the document: The Coalition: Our Programme for Government

The Coalition Government also agreed the practical and operational arrangements for how the two Parties will work together in coalition: how policy will be commissioned and agreed; how appointments will be made and the principles of collective responsibility.

Read the document: Coalition Agreement for Stability and Reform