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Transport - motorway

Transport: our priorities

Deliver the Coalition’s commitments on high speed rail
Carry out the preparation needed to start construction of the first phase of a high speed rail network for Britain early in the next Parliament. HS2 will increase capacity, connectivity and promote economic growth. The initial network will link London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Heathrow, and HS1, plus intermediate stops and through-running to other cities.

Deliver a sustainable and customer-focused railway
Make our railway sustainable, by: addressing the high cost of running the UK railway compared with other countries; making the most of our current infrastructure; and continuing to invest in infrastructure such as Crossrail, the Intercity Express Programme, electrification of the network, and tube upgrades.

Support sustainable local travel
Support sustainable growth by investing in local transport, decentralising funding and powers, tackling local congestion and making public transport (including light rail), walking and cycling more attractive.

Invest in our roads to promote growth, while reducing congestion and tackling carbon
Invest in the strategic road network to promote growth and address the congestion that affects people and businesses, and continue to improve road safety. Support the market for electric and other ultra-low emission vehicles and ensure the infrastructure is in place to support the adoption of low-emission transport.

Promote sustainable aviation
Create a sustainable framework for aviation in the UK, ensuring the UK is well positioned to compete internationally, improve passenger experience at airports and maintain high standards of safety and security for passengers and freight.

Reform the Coastguard and search and rescue helicopter capability
Reform the Coastguard to deliver a resilient and fully integrated national rescue co-ordination service for the 21st century. Procure a state of the art civilian Coastguard search and rescue helicopter capability.

Implement the Department’s key cross-cutting reform priorities
Publish a transport strategy, contribute to delivery of a successful and accessible Olympics, and promote a transport system that is accessible and socially inclusive.