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Actions completed last month

1.4.i Announce approach to competitive allocations
2.2.i Lay Regulations to allow the introduction of Further Education (FE) loans
2.3.i Implement the new round of Growth and Innovation Funding
3.4.ii Ensure that City Deals with the 8 core cities are agreed and include a BIS offer tailored to each City’s needs, working with Cabinet Office and DCLG
3.8.ii Make it easier for new types of business model to set up by completing the Red Tape Challenge process on the Disruptive Business Models theme
3.8.iv Run a competition to launch a pilot scheme for a programme of enterprise loans to help young people set up and grow their own businesses and appoint organisations to deliver the pilot
5.4.v Deliver the Graeme Nuttall Review and the Deputy PM's summer summit on employee share ownership
5.5.i Public Data Group established

Actions to be completed this month


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