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Area 5

Area 5

The Area 5 network consists of the M25 and A282 Dartford - Thurrock River Crossing and the trunk road and motorway radial routes into London (excluding the M40).

The Area 5 network is located in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey.

A full list of the motorways and trunk roads in Area 5 is provided below. In general these routes are managed by the Highways Agency as far as their border with the Greater London Authority, at which point Transport for London takes over. The exceptions are the A3113 Airport way and the M1, M4 and M11 motorways, all of which are managed by the Highways Agency.

M25 Design Build Finance and Operate (DBFO) Contract

The Area 5 network is operated on behalf of the Highways Agency by a private sector consortium. The M25 Design Build Finance and Operate (DBFO) contract for the development, operation and maintenance of the M25 motorway commenced on 13 September 2009. The contract, worth £6.2 billion, has been awarded to Connect Plus.

Under the new contract, the M25 is being widened to four lanes between Junctions 16 and 23 and between Junctions 27 and 30.  The work is being carried out in phases to reduce the impact on road users and to keep as many lanes open as possible. The Hatfield Tunnel on the A1(M) will also be refurbished.  Work on both sections to be widened and the Hatfield tunnel is due to be completed before the 2012 Olympics. The contract also includes the operation and maintenance of the M25 and the Dartford Crossing for a 30 year period. 

Area 5 Network

M1 Junction 1 Staples Corner to Junction 6a
M1 Spur Fiveways Corner to Junction 2
M3 Junction 1 Sunbury Cross to Kitsmead Lane bridge
M4 Junction 1 to Junction 5
M4 Spur Junction 4 to Junction 4A, Heathrow
M11 Junction 4 at the North Circular, Charlie Browns Roundabout, to Junction 6 (M25 J27)
M20 Junction 1 to the Trottiscliffe overbridge
M23 Junction 7 to the A25 overbridge
M25 South of Junction 1b to south of Junction 31 (entire length)
M25 Spur Greater London Authority (GLA) Boundary to Junction 4
M25 Spur Hunton Bridge to Junction 19
M25 Spur M25 Junction 5 to Westerham Road overbridge
M26 M25 Junction 5 to the M20 at Junction 3
A1(M) Junction 1 South Mimms to Junction 6 Welwyn
A1 Rowley Lane Junction to the M25 at Junction 23 South Mimms
A2 GLA boundary to the M25 Junction 2 (roundabout is now Area 4)
A3 GLA boundary west of Hook Junction to the Ockham Interchange
A13 GLA boundary at Wennington to the junction with the A1089
A20 GLA boundary to the M25 Junction 3
A23 GLA boundary to the M23 Junction 7
A30 West of Clockhouse roundabout to the M25 Junction 13, including the slip road to the A308
A40 West of Swakeleys roundabout to the Denham Roundabout
A282 South of M25 Junction 31 to south of Junction 1b (including the Dartford - Thurrock River Crossing)
A316 Sunbury Cross to the eastern end of Hanworth Road
A405 M1 Junction 6 to M25 Junction 21A
A1001 A1(M) Junction 3 (Roehyde Roundabout) to the entrance of the University of Hertfordshire
A1023 M25 Junction 28 to the Brook Street Junction
A1089 Junction with the A13 to the Dock Road Roundabout,Tilbury
A3113 M25 Junction 14, including the roundabout, to Stanwell Moor Road

For further information on the M40 motorway and the Dartford - Thurrock River Crossing, please visit the Highway Agency project pages:

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Area 5 Map

Area 5 Map