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M62 - Your Local History

A lot of finds were uncovered during the archaeological evaluation carried out for the M62 Junction 6 Improvement scheme so we thought it would be nice to provide an interactive website so you can see what we found.

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Highways Agency Traffic Officers

Highways Agency Traffic Officers

Who are we?

The Highways Agency Traffic Officer Service staff are trained to a high standard in everything from safety to dealing with customers, traffic management and the use of technology.

Where incidents occur, our police colleagues still retain their role in investigating crime, but we are there to help with coordinating the resources of the other emergency services, managing the traffic and re-opening routes as soon as it is safe to do so.

We also keep the public informed through our electronic message signs and by supplying information for local travel reports.

We are there to help you if you breakdown or are involved in a collision or incident.

Traffic Officer at breakdown

We also remove damaged and abandoned vehicles and clear debris from the carriageways.

We patrol the motorways in vehicles marked as traffic officers with high visibility markings.

We provide mobile and temporary road closures and of course we also support the police in their duties.

This section contains full details about what we do. Please use the links on the right to navigate through the pages. Information on how to become a part of the Traffic Officer Service is available in the Careers section of this site, where you can register for location-specific Traffic Officer Service email alerts as new vacancies become available.