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Justice (MoJ)

Justice - Themis, goddess of Justice

Ministry of Justice: our priorities

Introduce a rehabilitation revolution
Create a system introducing greater involvement of the private and voluntary sectors in the rehabilitation of offenders, including use of payment by results, to cut reoffending

Reform sentencing and penalties
Ensure that the justice system reduces reoffending by introducing more effective sentencing policies and considering the use of restorative justice for adult and youth crimes

Reform courts, tribunals and legal aid, and work with others to reform delivery of criminal justice
Reform the legal aid system to make it work more efficiently, while ensuring that we provide necessary support for those who need it most and for those cases that require it. Develop court reforms to improve the resolution of disputes, maximise efficiency and improve services. Work with others to make delivery of criminal justice more effective and efficient

Assure better law
Assure that law-making is transparent and accountable, safeguarding civil liberties and enabling citizens to receive the proper protection of the law

Reform how we deliver our services
Reform the way the Ministry of Justice works. Reassess our ways of working to develop more efficient shared services, match our provision ever more closely to demand, reduce duplication and streamline our functions wherever possible