An architectural concept view of the new building at Tate Modern from the south Tate Modern Project

A new development project to the south of the existing building which will transform Tate Modern

Image showing Tacita Dean's installation FILM at Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. turbinegeneration: a Tate-led project

The Unilever Series: turbinegeneration links schools, galleries, artists and cultural institutions worldwide through contemporary art and ideas

Gary Hill, Between Cinema and a Hard Place 1991 Matters in Media Art

A project designed to help develop and standardise practices for acquiring and loaning works of time-based media

The Millbank Project: Rotunda Floor The Millbank Project

A multi-stage transformation of Tate Britain, which embodies Tate’s commitment to providing a cultural experience appropriate to a world class museum

Tate Modern community garden Tate Modern Community Garden

The Community Garden is a project run in collaboration with local residents in Southwark, London

Joseph Mallord William Turner, 'The Dogano, San Giorgio, Citella, from the Steps of the Europa' exhibited 1842 Art Maps

Put art on the map. A crowd-sourcing project matching artworks in the collection to the locations they depict




Still image of Great British Art Debate Great British Art Debate

A nationwide series of events and exhibitions, and an online space, to explore and debate ideas around Britishness and art