Tate Modern : Feature little sun thumb Olafur Eliasson: Little Sun

Olafur Eliasson, the Danish-Icelandic artist who created the weather project at Tate Modern in 2003, brings a new project to Tate Modern this summer

Feature Edvard Munch, The Artists's Retina: Optical Illusion from the Eye Disease (1930) Edvard Munch's eyesight

Professor of opthalmology, Michael F. Marmor, explores how Munch’s eye condition inspired a remarkable output of work in the artist’s later life

Feature Tino Sehgal Arthur Lubow on Tino Sehgal's Turbine Hall commission

If you think of art as a painting on a wall, a sculpture on the floor, or even a video projected on a screen, your first encounter with the art of Tino Sehgal probably came as a shock

Tate Modern : Feature Film still from Fase: Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker Sally O'Reilly on Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker in the Tate Tanks

The Tanks’ writer-in-residence watched De Keersmaecker’s acclaimed Fase: Four Movements to the Museic of Steve Reich, and reflects on how the Tanks space can change our perceptions of live events

Tate Modern : Feature The Tanks Tate Modern 2012 Jacques Herzog reflects on the Tate Tanks

Architect Jacques Herzog recalls his first visit to the Tanks and explains how their sinister, dark rawness shaped  Herzog & de Meuron’s vision at Tate Modern

Feature Martine Franck Parliament Square: Princess Anne's wedding - waiting for her to pass by 1973 David Campany on the influential photographers who captured London

Does London have an image problem? Do we know how it really looks? 

Article The Tanks Tate Modern 2012 New Spaces for Art

Nicholas Serota, Tate Director, reveals the potential of the primal spaces of  the Tanks to recover the past and connect it with the present

Article This Exquisite Forest This Exquisite Forest

This Exquisite Forest is an online collaborative art project, presented by Tate and Google, which enables people to create short animations that grow from each other’s contributions