It gives me great pleasure to have been invited to join the uniquely amazing  Brandt, Brauer, Frick up on stage for a rare collab.

It’ll be a first. I’ll be singing, they’ll be stringing and smacking and plucking it up all over the place. If you’re in London on the 14th of July, I highly advise you to get your first class express ass over to Granary Sq and ride this big ole funk train with us and artists Ghost Poet, Sebastian Tellier, Baloji and l’Orchestre de la Katuba, Benny Sings and Plugs. Leaving the station at 4pm! crazy gig y’all . Please come down!

Mostly Robot

Don’t be afraid. Or mostly DO be afraid! We’ve only gone and made a supergroup! Yep. This is epic.

Who knows what’s gonna happen (I mean WE don’t know!) when the musical minds of Tim Exile, Jeremy Ellis, Mr Jimmy y, DJ Shiftee and my whee self get the cogs in motion.

I predict flame and boom!

Catch us at Sonar in Barcelona where we are going to try and meld the hands, voices and maschines to make Sun Ra and Raymond Scott smile.

Native Instruments are deeply involved in giving us the platform. Badass company. Badass players. Yo got flame!

Jamie Beachbox
Jamie’s Grizzly Bear Remix
You Are Waking Start Stop Remix

Start starting.. a good motto for 2012.
My good friend krikor is a talented and prolific fellow. Last time I asked him to “do” me a remix he pushed not 1 banger my way but 2.
Somehow in the insanity of compass, this remix never saw the light of day here at
I take full responsibility for it’s absence and as a new year’s resolution I aim to right these WRONGS!
at LONG last here’s the potent rework of my song you are waking. Krikor! I’m sorry this took so long mister..
I always thought this mix was banging. Sounds fresher now than ever.
Start starting with Krikor’s start stop remix extravaganza!

Play it here! –

And here’s the free download –

Krikor’s website : http://


Yes people we LOVE the NEW and this is a triple hit of NEW LOVE.
It’s a pleasure to announce the brand spanking NEW website which
features my first web STORE! yep it’s fresh for 1996 here at Lidell
HQ. Stop by and have a click about and enjoy the magic as we bring
in this year of the dragon in STYLE!

NEW *** NEW *** NEW
LOVE ******* LOVE

for a limited time all CDs & Vinyl are signed!

There has never been a store at before so to celebrate Jamie has signed ALL of the current inventory of CDs and Vinyl!  Every single one is different cuz Jamie is nuts and spent many many many hours making them special.  Most even have lil drawings and face graffiti so if you don’t like that sorta thing- beware! :) xoLidell HQ