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DBT-BBSRC pre-announcement of joint bilateral call for proposals in bioenergy research

28 February 2012

Following a successful joint bioenergy workshop (see external links), held in New Delhi in October 2011, BBSRC and DBT are pleased to announce that a joint call for proposals is anticipated during April 2012 with an anticipated closing date in July 2012.

The purpose of this pre-announcement is to allow eligible investigators within the UK and India to begin the process of identifying potential project partners with a view to assembling multi-disciplinary teams comprising project partners from both countries.

A further announcement will be published on this website once the call has been launched.


The call for proposals will be focussed around the three key areas which were agreed by workshop participants to be priorities:

  • Identification, characterisation and improvement of novel biomass (including algal biomass) processing enzymes
  • Application of systems and synthetic biology approaches for the development of microbial strains for the production of advanced biofuels and capable of using all of the sugars derived from lignocellulosic or algal biomass
  • The improvement of algal strains suitable for biofuel applications including genomics approaches

However, other areas will not be excluded, providing that the project uses biological feedstocks and relevant biological conversion processes to underpin research that works towards the production of sustainable bioenergy/biofuels.


Standard BBSRC and DBT eligibility guidelines will apply, any potential applicants who are unsure whether they and/or their institution meets the relevant eligibility criteria are encouraged to contact the BBSRC or DBT office using the contact information below.

External contact

Dr Shailja Gupta, DBT


Vicky Jackson

tel: 01793 413341
fax: 01793 413234