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A few notes on typography

On Tuesday evening we made another release of changes to GOV.UK. One of the biggest areas of discussion centered around the typography changes. Ben Terrett, Head of Design, explains the choices which have been made and why.

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Introducing a new tool – Licence Finder

Hello, I’m James Weiner, and I’m a front-end developer at GDS. Last night we released the latest update to GOV.UK, and among the new tools and services we’ve released is the Licence Finder. I wanted to explain a bit more about how it came into being.
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Introducing the next iteration of GOV.UK

As Tom explained back in January, the GOV.UK beta is a work in progress. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes since then, and today we’re releasing a new batch of content, as well as the next iteration of GOV.UK’s design. I’m here to explain a bit more about what’s new, and to ask for your feedback, so we can keep making GOV.UK even better.
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GOV.UK editorial style guide

Today marks the launch of the alpha release of the GOV.UK editorial style guide. Sarah Richards, Content Design Lead on the Delivery team explains why this is important and how it has and will develop and evolve.

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The speed of change

When a user sent a tweet about a possible improvement on GOV.UK, it became a great example of how quickly an agile team can respond to feedback. Chris Heathcote from the GDS design team explains how size doesn’t necessarily mean slowing of processes.

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Introducing the Digital Performance Framework – Alpha release

Managing transactional services is a complex task and can be quite bewildering with many systems and measurements involved. However, because we have digital tools and technologies, we can now pull together data from lots of different sources and inspire action through powerful visualisations. Adam Bailin from the Performance and Delivery Unit presents the Alpha of the Digital Performance Framework which intends to fulfil these aspirations.

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Riding the Paradigm – where agile meets programme

There are challenges to running an agile approach to delivery inside a larger organisation where agile is not yet fully understood. We are frequently asked how we approach these challenges and manage them here at GDS, so here Mike Beaven explains how we are riding the paradigm and the lessons we have learned along the way.

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Digital a key component for Civil Service Reform Plan

The Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude today launched the Civil Service Reform Plan and we were glad to welcome him and Sir Bob Kerslake, Head of the Civil Service, to GDS this morning in advance of the announcement. You can see them chatting to GDS staff Alice Newton and Jordan Hatch in the video below.
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