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Transparency – Use Your Data

Transparency use our dataWhat is it?

We are opening up access to more data than ever before, to enable you to hold government to account and transform the public services you use.

Already a huge amount of data has been published, including:

  • ‘Street-level’ crime data, to provide you with detailed local crime information
  • Primary and secondary school spend per pupil
  • All new central government contracts and tenders worth over £10,000
  • Details of all central government spending transactions over £25,000 – with some departments publishing all transactions over £500
  • Details of Minister’s meetings, hospitality, gifts and overseas travel
  • Government department organisation charts and salaries of senior civil servants earning more than £150,000
  • Energy use of government department’s HQ buildings
  • Information on all DfID international development projects over £500

A new ‘right to data’ will also provide you with a mechanism to request further government-held datasets which will then be published on a regular basis.

How can I get involved?

All of these and more can be found on – the single online portal for local and central government data. The portal also enables people, including entrepreneurs and developers, to take government data and create tools that can help you make informed decisions about the public services you use.

Where can I find out more?

  • See local and central government data at the single online portal:
  • See also:
    • Crime Maps which compares crime levels in your area
    • Where Does My Money Go? shows how government spending breaks down and how your taxes are spent
    • Schooloscope helps you find out how well your local schools are doing and choose the best one for your children
    • CycleStreets lets you plan a cycle journey to use the fastest route or to avoid busy roads and traffic