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Work and Pensions (DWP)

Work and Pensions

Work and Pensions: our priorities

Deliver welfare reform
Introduce the Universal Credit and other reforms to simplify the welfare system and to ensure that the system always incentivises work and that work always pays. The overall reform package will help to make the welfare system affordable in the longer term

Get Britain working
Implement and manage the Work Programme, an integrated package of personalised support to get people into work - from jobseekers who have been out of work for some time, to those who may have been receiving incapacity benefits for many years

Help tackle the causes of poverty and improve social justice
Develop a welfare system that recognises work as the primary route out of poverty and reduces the number of children in workless households. Develop and implement the Social Justice Strategy and Child Poverty Strategy, focused on improving social justice and on eradicating child poverty by 2020

Pensions reform
Provide decent State Pensions, encourage employers to provide high quality pensions and make automatic enrolment and higher pension saving a reality. Phase out the default retirement age to allow more flexibility around retirement

Enable disabled people to fulfil their potential
Develop and implement a disability strategy to enable disabled people to fulfil their potential. Support more independent living for disabled people who face the greatest barriers by ensuring effective strategic development of evidence-based policies for disability benefits. Support disabled people to take up employment opportunities, by developing specialist disability employment programmes which provide employment support for disabled people facing the greatest barriers

Improve our service to the public
Continue to deliver an excellent service to the public, improving its speed, ease and efficiency