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Articles by Historians

Each month a professional historian will be invited to contribute a short article to the No.10 website. These will focus on events at Downing Street and the wider activities of its Prime Ministerial occupants over the centuries.

Features will range widely over personalities and private lives, domestic and international politics, and challenges and successes, providing new insights into how the central institutions of British government really work. Frequently highly topical, each article will link to current contexts or anniversaries of past events. In this way a rich portfolio will be created online, containing varied stories: sometimes amusing or thought-provoking, always informative and written by leading scholars  throughout the UK.

History & Policy (H&P) is managing this innovative collaboration with No.10 Downing Street.¬† As an independent charitable initiative based at King’s College London, H&P excels in connecting historians with policymakers and the media, providing high quality history in free and accessible formats. With a national network of over 350 historians, H&P can guarantee a diversity of viewpoints, relevant topics and professional insights.

To discover more about the emergence of the office of the Prime Minister in the early-eighteenth century and how it has developed since, see the special in-depth contribution:

The Institution of Prime Minister by Dr. Andrew Blick and Professor George Jones

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Queen Elizabeth and her Twelve Prime Ministers by D R Thorpe (June 2012)

Number 10 Under Lloyd George 1916-22 by Kenneth O. Morgan (May 2012)

Maurice Hankey: architect of modern government by W J R Gardner  (April 2012)

Prime Ministers and Presidents: Special Relationship by Professor David Reynolds (March 2012)

Former Prime Ministers by Professor Kevin Theakston (February 2012)

The Cabinet Secretary: A tale of three roles by Dr. Andrew Blick and Professor George Jones (January 2012)

Contributors retain copyright of their work