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Home Office: our priorities

Empower the public to hold the police to account for their role in cutting crime
Introduce directly elected Police and Crime Commissioners and make police actions to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour more transparent

Free up the police to fight crime more effectively and efficiently
Cut police bureaucracy, end unnecessary central interference and overhaul police powers in order to cut crime, reduce costs and improve police value for money. Simplify national institutional structures and establish a National Crime Agency to strengthen the fight against organised crime

Create a more integrated criminal justice system
Help the police and other public services work together across the criminal justice system

Secure our borders and reduce immigration
Deliver an improved migration system that commands public confidence and serves our economic interests. Limit non-EU economic migrants, and introduce new measures to reduce inflow and minimise abuse of all migration routes, for example the student route. Process asylum applications more quickly, and end the detention of children for immigration purposes

Protect people’s freedoms and civil liberties
Reverse state interference to ensure there is not disproportionate intrusion into people’s lives

Protect our citizens from terrorism
Keep people safe through the Government’s approach to counter-terrorism

Equal treatment and equal opportunity
Maximise women’s contribution to the UK’s future economic growth, change culture and remove barriers that prevent people from fulfilling their potential, and promote the Government’s new approach to equalities