Music is Good for You!

Music is Good for You!

The case for involvement in music is overwhelming...

It has long been recognised that music can make a significant difference to the development of children. We know from recent research that the activity of music-making helps develop the mind and the personality in an extraordinary range of ways.

These can include increasing:

  • confidence and sense of achievement
  • powers of memory, concentration and self discipline
  • intellectual development and attainment across the curriculum, particularly in literacy and numeracy
  • motor skills, including hand/eye coordination
  • listening and sense of pitch and rhythm which underpin perception and language skills
  • creativity, artistic performance and appreciation
  • sense of well-being and ability to deal with stress

Additionally group music-making has a capacity to encourage teamwork, striving for excellence in a non-competitive environment and being part of a community in which children play a valued role.

The way forward…encourage and support your child's natural interest in music as soon as possible.

The case for involvement in music is overwhelming, which is why you should ensure your child has the opportunity to sing and learn to play a musical instrument. The earlier a child begins to learn to sing and play, the greater the benefits will be in all areas of their general development.

[List adapted from Music Education in the 21st Century in the UK by Susan Hallam & Andrea Creech. Published in 2010 by the Institute of Education. As shown on the ‘The Mayor of London’s Fund for Young Musicians’ website at Used by permission of MFYM.]

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