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Taking lorries abroad

Taking your lorry or bus abroad

Where to find information on all the permits you will need when you take a lorry or bus abroad

The essentials of international road haulage

The impact of national and international Conventions, regulations and Agreements on your road transport business

International authorisations and permits for road haulage

Authorisations and permits you will require if you are operating haulage vehicles on international journeys

Vehicle documents required for international road haulage

Guidance on the documents required when driving a vehicle from one country to another

Driver documents required for international road haulage

Documentation for international road haulage to help you keep to schedule and ensure prompt delivery of goods

Customs procedures when transporting goods by road

Customs documents that vehicle drivers may require when crossing international borders


Online services for drivers, operators and instructors

Apply for tax discs, book tests, manage operator licences and more

Save time and reduce paperwork with online services for vehicle owners and drivers from DVLA, VOSA, DSA and others

What you need to do about health and safety

Learn about your legal responsibilities for health and safety

How to meet your business' basic health and safety responsibilities and what the benefits are to you

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Taking lorries abroad


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Tax obligations


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