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Trade with other countries

Trade with other European Union countries

Customs, tax and VAT procedures that apply when you trade with countries outside the EU

Trade with other countries using the internet

Customs, VAT and excise rules that apply when you trade online with other countries

Trade with countries outside the European Union

Customs, tax and VAT procedures are simpler when you trade with other countries in the EU

Find out about excise duty

Excise duty applies to certain goods when they are brought into the UK for commercial use

Are you ready to import?

Ensuring you have the right strategy and resources to benefit from importing

Exporting - an overview

What's involved in selling goods or services to another country

Preparing to export

Assessing whether you are ready to export and planning your approach




Starting up


Considering starting up?


Business planning


Find and manage the money


Business structures


Name your business


Buy a business


Choose and set up your workplace


Get to grips with business taxes


Tax and National Insurance for self-employed or partners


Corporation Tax




Tax and payroll for employers


Become an employer for the first time


Sales and marketing


IT and e-commerce for start ups

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Trade with other countries


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