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Considering starting up?

Find out whether you can work for yourself

Discover what it means to be your own boss and how to take the first steps in getting your business off the ground

Decide if you've got what it takes to be your own boss

Learn about the qualities you need to be your own boss and how you can use your skills and experience to get your business up and running

Develop your business idea

Find out about researching your chosen market and how to generate or develop a new business idea

Starting a business: the basics

What to do when starting a business, including advice on business plans, financial and legal requirements

Research and develop your business ideas, new products and services

How to develop your idea into a viable business by investing in new products or services to meet customer needs

Common mistakes when starting up - and how to avoid them

Learn about and avoid the most frequent mistakes made by new business owners

Starting a part-time business

Information on starting a part-time business

How do I survive until my business is off the ground?

How to keep yourself afloat during the early months of your new business

Family-run businesses

Understand the particular benefits and issues that affect family-run businesses

Thinking about starting a social enterprise?

Why set up a social enterprise and the benefits of doing so

Starting a business when economic conditions are tough

Assess the opportunities for starting a business during an economic downturn

Think about the money

Understand your finance options when starting up and how to manage your money in the first year of trading




Starting up

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Considering starting up?


Business planning


Find and manage the money


Business structures


Name your business


Buy a business


Choose and set up your workplace


Get to grips with business taxes


Tax and National Insurance for self-employed or partners


Corporation Tax




Tax and payroll for employers


Become an employer for the first time


Sales and marketing


IT and e-commerce for start ups


Trade with other countries


Protect your business ideas


Further support for your business


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