Civil traffic enforcement: certification of approved devices

Publisher:Department for Transport
Publication type:Instructional
Published date: 28 February 2008
Mode/topic:Roads, Legislation, Local authorities, Parking


Parking restrictions, bus lane use and certain other moving traffic contraventions are increasingly being enforced by local traffic authorities who have sought and been granted civil enforcement powers.

Changes to legislation are harmonising the civil traffic enforcement procedures throughout England and include provisions for the production of evidence from Closed Circuit TV cameras and associated recording equipment. Such devices, or parts of a device not covered by an existing recognised approval, must be certified by the Secretary of State for Transport to show that the complete system is an “approved device”. The Vehicle Certification Agency has been appointed to do this on his or her behalf. The “approved device” legislation applicable to the civil enforcement of the contravention in question will indicate the extent to which any existing approvals (including HOSDB approvals for enforcement under criminal law) may be valid.

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