Scoping and Methodology consultation

The deadline for responses to this consultation has now passed.

Establishing the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a fundamental component of the HS2 EIA process.

The purpose of this scoping is to define those environmental topics that should be assessed as part of the EIA, the methods that are to be used and the geographic and temporal scope of the EIA. The Scope and Methodology report is intended to establish the overall approaches that should be taken during the Environmental Impact Assessment of the HS2 project rather than dealing with local level issues and considerations.

The EIA Scope and Methodology is an important, but technical, part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process and we are committed to ensuring that our approaches meet the appropriate and necessary requirements for a successful EIA.

Due to the technical nature of this consultation, we specifically sought comments from a list of relevant organisations and representatives identified for their expertise in this area. However, all responses that we receive before the deadline will be considered in refining the report.

We expect to publish a revised Scope and Methodology document and a summary of the consultation later this year.

You can view the draft report that we consulted on by clicking on the following link:

Download the Draft  EIA Scope and Methodology report

Download the EIA Scope and Methodology report erratum

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