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Mental Health Act Annual Report 2010/11

This is the Care Quality Commission’s second annual report on the use of the Mental Health Act (MHA), covering findings from April 2010 to March 2011.

In this report you can read our findings about the use of the Act and the areas where we believe improvement is needed.

We have an ongoing statutory duty to monitor how services exercise their powers under the MHA to provide a safeguard for patients. This year’s report follows up on priority areas for improvement identified in the 2009-10 report, citing examples from visits by our MHA commissioners and provides new data and recommendations.

Although we have seen examples of good practice in some of these areas, the issues we identified in last year’s report are still the main priority.

Patients’ involvement and protection of their rights

Although we saw some good examples of patient involvement during our visits, some staff have been found lacking in their knowledge of independent mental health advocacy (IMHA) and have failed to explain to patients how to access these services.

Read about our findings relating to Patients’ involvement and protection of their rights.

Consent to treatment 

We have found that while the implementation of Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) by some staff and health professionals needs to improve, overall there were good examples and initiatives in obtaining consent.

Read about our findings relating to Consent to treatment

Patients’ experience of care and treatment

In our monitoring we prioritise the care and welfare of patients. People who use services should experience effective, safe and appropriate care, treatment and support that meets their needs and protects their rights.

Read about our findings relating to Patients’ experience of care and treatment.

Promoting patient safety

Safety for patients covers a wide range of issues, including ensuring good practices in restraint and seclusion, appropriate staffing levels and continuity of care.

Read about our findings relating to Promoting patient safety.

Deaths of detained patients

The death of any patient whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act must be recorded as soon as possible with the Care Quality Commission. This is a legal obligation to ensure a provider’s duty of care is adhered to and to help us monitor the safety of services.

Read about our findings relating to Deaths of detained patients.