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Our health visiting share and learn network brings together key stakeholders involved in health visiting provision to discuss local challenges and opportunities associated with delivering the health visitor implementation plan 2011-2015.

Health visiting services are changing rapidly in order to successfully deliver the Government's new service model and vision. To support employers we have set up a health visiting share and learn network which meets bi-monthly in both Leeds and London.

The role of share and learn

Our health visiting share and learn network provides employers, commissioners and health visitors with a Chatham House style forum to share local challenges, experiences and best practice in delivering the Government's new health visiting vision. The Government's Health Visitor Implementation Plan 2011 - 2015, A Call to Action published last year, sets out an ambitious challenge for employers including a target of an additional 4,200 health visitors by 2015 and we understand there is uncertainty around some of the areas of implementation.

The network allows members to influence, inform and test the products we develop to support this programme. By running share and learn under Chatham House rules, members can be open and honest about their local challenges, obstacles and opportunities. 

The role of NHS Employers

We are commissioned by the Department of Health (DH) to support employers in delivering the health visitor implementation plan. This includes providing employers with up to date information, guidance and tools to help you meet your trajectories and achieve the new health visiting service. NHS employers also attends various steering groups and uses our understanding of local issues to effectively represent employers and the health visiting workforce.

Our tools and resources page brings together the latest information and resources available to you when planning and retaining your health visiting workforce.

Format of meetings and topics

Share and learn meetings are held within our offices and typically runs from 10.00am - 2.00pm. The agenda includes regular items such as national updates, group work sessions around current local priorities, challenges, feedback and solutions plus an NHS Employers update. Our aim is to also include regular feedback from early implementer sites in addition to presentations from colleagues within NHS Employers on topics such as retention and engagement. 


Below is what some of our members have said about share and learn:

"My first share and learn network was a really valuable experience. I found the environment very conducive with open and honest discussion about some tricky issues. Sharing of best practice is always useful; for me though it was the opportunity to ask questions and debate with others whose experiences bring different perspectives." Head of HR, Integrated Community Services.

"The national agenda to achieve "A Call to Action" is both exciting and challenging. For managers charged with delivering this agenda, the share and learn network provides a safe environment to share innovative developments and explore ways of dealing with the challenges of workforce, finance and education.  Whether attending in person, or receiving the comprehensive follow up package, it enables me as a manager to reflect on how far we have come on the health visitor implementation journey, learning from the approaches taken in addressing the issues and challenges we all face.  It has reduced any feeling of isolation as the network means there are colleagues across the country to share with and learn from". Business and Service Delivery Manager: Children and Young People's Service.


Previous share and learn meetings have welcomed presentations from Gail Walker, Head of Children's Services on the progress achieved in early implementer site Derbyshire Community Health Services and Jeremy Orr, Pensions Team Manager, NHS employers around the flexibilities available within the NHS Pension Scheme.

Joining share and learn

We are continually looking to expand the membership of share and learn to enable us to effectively represent the wider health visiting workforce. To find out more, or if you would like to attend future meetings, please email For those of you who would like to be involved in a virtual sense and support us in requests for feedback and information you are welcome to join our wider network.

Meeting dates

 Meeting date Location Time
 17 May 2012 London, Bressenden Place 10.00am
 24 May 2012 Leeds,   Brewery Wharf 10.00am
 10 July 2012 London, Bressenden Place 10.00am
 17 July 2012 Leeds,   Brewery Wharf 10.00am


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