Interactive Map

What is the interactive map?

The Interactive Map is a web based resource which uses a digital mapping technology, similar to that used in Google Earth. It allows users to see maps of a region and contribute their own information. The Interactive Map has been developed for the MCZ project with two main aims:
          1. To show some of the information being used by the project to aid discussions about MCZs, and give an opportunity for sea users to explore their region.
          2. To collect information from people who use the seas in the Balanced Seas region. The map enables users to draw areas they use for activities or places which they know certain species and habitats occur in.

What does the map show and how can I use it?

The Interactive Map includes information on the natural environment and on human activities such as ports and wind farms. These can be switched on or off by the user allowing them to look at what interests them the most. The map provides an opportunity for users to discover more about the marine environment of the South-East and better understand the relationship between humans and the sea.
People who use the sea, such as divers, sea anglers or other water sports enthusiasts were able to register with the Interactive Map and draw onto it the areas which are important to them. These areas have been collated by activity, allowing maps to show which areas of the region are important for which activities. This process is described in more detail on the map webpage.