Working with Stakeholders

Working with all those with an interest in the project area was essential for success. 
Stakeholder involvement in the regional project was vital to harness the knowledge and advice of those who use and understand the sea. This project was designed to allow all stakeholders to engage in the process and recommend the location of the Marine Conservation Zones. For involvement with the project now that it has transitioned to the national level, see National MCZ project.

Collecting information about the use of the marine environment

In order to minimise the potential impacts of MCZs on stakeholders, the project needed to build a comprehensive picture of how the sea is used, involving everyone from commercial fishermen to anglers and leisure users.
Different sectors use the sea in different ways. Those using the sea know best where and how they use it and therefore can give the most accurate picture. By collecting as much information as possible from sea users, the project could build the most accurate picture of activities in the Balanced Seas region. This information is being used during the MCZ planning stages to reduce conflict between MCZs and marine activities wherever possible.

How were stakeholders involved in the regional project?

Stakeholders were able to get involved with the regional project in the following ways.
  • Arrange an interview with one of our Liaison Officers
  • Use the online Interactive Map to show the areas you use and see data available for the region
  • Contact sector representatives on the Regional Stakeholder Group or one of the Local Groups with data or ideas